Daffodils Are Dying

The Daffodils Are Dying (Bay Area, CA)

Seems odd that only a few days after the spring equinox, the daffodils are already dying…but then again, i know so little about such things. This shot is from a late afternoon drive, when the clouds parted for a few short hours in between the rains.


Foolish Peas

Foolish Peas (Bay Area, CA)

I eat my peas with honey/
I’ve done it all my life/
It makes the peas taste funny/
But it keeps them on my knife.

Today is April Fool’s day and my big sister’s birthday.  When I was a tiny toddler, in diapers and not able to reach the top of the dining room table, she helped this poem become the very first thing i memorized in my life – and then she had me recite it to a room filled with our parents and their friends. Since then, I’ve remembered and forgotten countless president’s names, capital cities and other useless facts – but this silly little ditty will be forever embedded in the hallows of my mind. Thanks Sis – and Happy Birthday