Kumartuli Woman

Kumartuli Woman

I was drawn to the strength in this woman’s expression and in her hands. She had just finished washing a load of clothes when a loud crowd of men carrying very large, very heavy “idols” passed by the ally.


The Cooks

The Cooks (Kolkata, India)

These two fellows had their hands full cooking up tons of incredibly delicious Bengali food for several hundred guests who’d gathered in a private home to celebrate Durga Puja.

Got Gamcha

Got Me A Gamcha

Our fearless leader, Tewfic El-Sawy, has a thing for scarves – that’s no secret. This cotton scarf, or “gamcha”, is used by many Bengalis as a sarong for bathing, a cover for protection from the heat and rain, a towel for sweat and dirt, a bug swatter, a spread for sleeping, a mat for sitting…and so many other things. Behind this fellow’s gamcha is his empty basket, which moments earlier was full to the brim with fresh vegetables.

When You Gotta Go

When You Gotta Go

I spied a bare skinned little boy walk around the corner and quickly reached for my camera. Moments earlier I had been trying to record some music coming from the speakers on the walls of this building. My companion later told me that I had just recorded music from a ‘pay for toilet’ place. And that’s apparently where the little fellow is heading and where the bigger one is coming from.