Daily Paper

Daily Paper (Kolkata, India)

A man relaxes and reads the paper outside the gates of the crazily busy Kalighat Temple.


Red Temple Room

Red Temple Room (Kolkata, India)

A briefcase, a cell phone and a huge lingam. What else does one need to get the job done?!


Metal Workers

Metal Workers (Kolkata, India)

Met these guys during a late afternoon stroll – I can’t imagine how hard it must be to work with fire in the middle of the scorching hot Kolkata days. They invited me to step inside to give it a try… but I couldn’t take the heat!

Brother’s Love

Brother’s Love (Kolkata, India)

A young boy endures soapy water and a solid scrub from his older brother. Although this shot seems like it’s a private little corner of the city, there’s actually cars and buses and taxis and carts rushing by and people all around. It’s just another day in this crowded, chaotic, intensely hot city.