Kushti Wrestlers

Kushti Wrestlers (Kolkata, India

Kushti, or Pehlwani, is an ancient form of wrestling begun in the Mughal era, dating back to the sixteenth century. Although it once held great importance in Indian societies, its popularity has dwindled over the years. So I think we were all surprised when we happened upon this small group of Kushti wrestlers engaged in their daily practice on an akhara (wrestling area) tucked in a back corner of  the Mulik Ghat under a neem tree along the Hooghly river.


Taxi Sleeper

Taxi Sleeper (Kolkata, India)

As I wondered the streets of Kolkata around 5:00 in the morning, I saw a couple of taxi drivers sleeping on the trunk of their cars and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it (had it been a late night and they’d just not made it home?). Then I saw this guy this morning, then a few more. I’ve come to realize that this just may be their home, and I guess it’s cooler outside on the bonnet than inside the cramped interior…